Fear of getting fired drops, as 25% of people insult their boss at the Christmas party

Thursday, December 17, 2015

We’re well and truly into Christmas party season now, and, as this new survey from RecruitIreland.com highlights, workers across Ireland are facing the usual festive dilemmas. To go or not to go? What to wear? And how to avoid making a fool of myself in front of the boss?

For many, it’s an opportunity to relax with colleagues and let their hair down - but for others, it’s a night they would rather forgo.

And that’s even before the dreaded morning after back at work.

While three-quarters of those surveyed say they enjoy going to their Christmas party (up from 62% last year), 12% of respondents never go - and the rest dread it.

And some of that dread may stem from past misdeeds as it seems that Irish workers get up to all sorts of mischief at their Christmas parties! We asked our respondents for the juicy details - and while we’re not at liberty to reveal some of the more X-rated stories, let’s just say there was mention of drugs and orgies.

25% of people told their boss what they really think of them (up from just 4% last year) - are employees getting braver as the economy gets better?

Moving swiftly on, here’s a sample of the shenanigans that go on at Irish Christmas parties.

28% of respondents have done something embarrassing at the Christmas party (up from 21% last year) while almost half said they drank “way” too much.  One-fifth of employees surveyed had a fling with a colleague and 2% even resigned - unfortunately, we don’t have stats on how many regretted those decisions in the cold light of day!

The majority of people surveyed said the fact that their company was holding a Christmas party was a good sign with 15% responding that they would be concerned for the company's future if the Christmas party was cancelled. And almost two-thirds see the Christmas party as a sign of appreciation and that a cancellation would negatively affect staff morale.

But, despite all that, 83% would still prefer a Christmas bonus to a Christmas party.

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • Almost one-tenth said that their party was being scaled up this year while 34% say theirs was scaled down
  • 83% expect the national economy to improve, with 10% of those expecting “huge” improvements this year - both up from last year
  • 57% expect to spend less this year on Christmas presents (64% last year)
  • 44% of people have not used all their holiday entitlements
  • And 17% of those surveyed would be relieved if the party was cancelled

And, of course, with Christmas being the season of excess, it’s not shocking that just over half of those surveyed will be making New Year’s resolutions (up 10% on last year).

  •  Getting a new job is the top priority for 43% of the respondents
  • 42% want to join a gym or get fit
  • 39% want to lose weight
  • Just 13% vow to quit smoking
  • And 5% will quit drinking

We wonder how those numbers will change once January hits.

According to Ronan O Callaghan, Sales Manager for RecruitIreland.com:


It’s refreshing to see more employers treating their staff to a Christmas night out and positive growth in the numbers getting bonuses and pay rises in 2016. Along with increases in jobs advertised and applications coming through the site this again proves the economy is on an upward growth path and we’re delighted that employers are rewarding the loyalty of their current staff.