Irish drugs data insights company to create 30 jobs

Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Irish drugs data insights company is to create 30 new jobs.

Dundalk-based Diaceutics has been involved in more than 200 drug launches with major pharmaceutical companies across the world.

The jobs - to be filled by the end of next year - will be based across its operations in Ireland, the United States, Asia and South America. Peter Keeling, CEO, Diaceutics, said: “To put the importance of what we do into context, we have put structures in place that each year help 48,000 cancer patients in the US and EU get biomarker testing and therefore potentially gain access to the right drug for their specific condition.

“Diaceutics has been growing by an average of 60% per annum for the past three years and we expect that growth trajectory to continue as our addressable market is doubling. To facilitate that, we will require a number of new team members in key roles over the next two years.

“Some 70% of new cancer drug launches will be diagnostics-dependent in the next five years. Pharma will be relying on us to show them how they can maximise their market share in what is going to become an increasingly profitable area – and a hugely beneficial one to patients.”


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