Eastenders fans left in suspense as Phil lies bleeding in street

Friday, March 02, 2001
Eastenders fans have been left in suspense after Phil Mitchell was gunned down in Albert Square.

The soap hardman was shot outside his house as he answered the door to an anonymous caller.

The episode is tipped to beat the soap's largest-ever audience of 30 million when Den gave Angie her divorce papers in 1986 .

Bookies are taking odds on five suspects who are Ian Beale, Mark Fowler, Lisa, Steve and Dan. All of whom were missing from the Queen Vic at the time of the shooting.

Earlier Phil had confrontations with each suspect - he threw a drink over Dan Sullivan, threatened Ian Beale with a lead pipe and angered Mark Fowler.

And Bookies favourite Lisa was humiliated when Phil called her "soiled goods", while Steve discovered his new bride Mel had slept with Phil.

The guilty party will not be revealed until early in April in what is being dubbed the biggest soap storyline since JR was shot in Dallas.