Rail disaster driver's wife rubbishes 'asleep at wheel' claims

Thursday, March 01, 2001
The wife of rail disaster Land Rover driver Gary Hart has scotched suggestions that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Elaine Hart, 38, said her husband had rejected the idea and had stressed that the crash was a tragic accident.

At a news conference in the home village of Mr Hart's parent in Withern, Lincolnshire, his wife said he is a very traumatised man who is suffering a lot of pain.

She added: "He is more than willing to co-operate with the British Transport Police, but he has been asked not to comment at this stage. It was definitely an accident. He is very distraught. It is rubbish that he fell asleep at the wheel."

Mrs Hart, who wept during the interview, says her husband of five years is undergoing counselling but is keen to see his family, including daughters Laura, 13, Adrienne 11, Charlotte, six, and Megan, five.