Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So, you have been offered a job. So now the dreaded day - you must resign.

In some ways this is the most difficult part of the recruitment process as now its decision time!

Firstly, make sure this is the right job for you. Remember, a job offer is more than salary. It is your future career and your future development. Before you come to this stage, you should list a set of criteria on which you will move. In other words how will I make this career decision? If you are unsure of anything, ask, ask, ask.

Once you have decided yes it's the right move, you need to plan your resignation meeting with care. Make sure you have your contract in your hand before resigning. Practice questions from your boss - Why are you leaving? What can we do to keep you? Prepare yourself for an emotional response, so it may be best to plan a short initial meeting, followed 24 hours later by the practical 'what are we going to do about this?'

Prepare yourself for a counter offer. If this happens ask yourself - 'why has it got to get this far for them to notice me?'. Experience shows the counter offer rarely works and people who are bought back only stay a few more months.