• Time is right for women to ask for that pay rise

    With the economy on the up, it’s never been a better time to ask for a pay increase. Butlackof confidence holds many women back

  • Apply for your 2014 PAYE tax refund in time for Christmas

    As 2014 draws to close, now is the time to review your taxes and check whether you may be due a tax refund.

  • Budget 2015 Tax Calculator

    Budget 2015 - What are the tax implications for you?

  • How will the Budget affect you

    The Department of Finance has released its calculations on how different sample individuals will be affected by today's Budget.

  • Survey shows widespread confusion over maternity leave tax introduced in 2013

    In a survey released today, 44% of mums said they did not understand how the taxation worked,while 22% said they were not aware the tax had changed.

  • Some wage rises on the cards for 2014

    Modest wage rises may be on the cards for the majority of employees this year with slight increases evident across the board according to the Cpl 2014 Annual Salary Guide. These sectors include legal, marketing, HR, engineering, languages, and office support.

  • How to Secure a Pay Rise

    How many of us would not like a salary increase? Very few I suspect. Statistics show that on average most people will get a pay rise of about 3.5% in the year ahead. If you think you deserve more than that, here's how to approach your boss. (And if you are the boss, then here's what to watch out for!)

  • What are your salary expectations

    In the current climate, this is a hugely important question, it is essential not to overprice or under price yourself, you ask for too much and you could ruin your chances, ask for too little, and you could end up frustrated.

  • Performance Review: Tips for Employees

    For many employees, performance reviews are seen as a time wasting exercise. But when approached strategically, they can be a great opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with your boss to demonstrate your contribution to the company, increase your visibility and explore how your role can develop further

  • The Salary Issue

    What is the right time to bring up the salary issue in an interview and indeed how do you know what salary you should be pitching yourself at?


    Now get your tax right and save up to €4,620 per year.Savings like that are sure to lead to marital bliss

  • Understanding Redundancy Payments

    Most people when they get their Redundancy Payment will be delighted and scared (it's a stressful time). And a lot confused. How did they get that figure? Why is tax being charged? Do I have to do anything?

  • National Wage Rates

    This article includes updated information on National minimum wage rates and your rights relating to pay.

  • Workers Say Feeling Appreciated More Important than Pay

    Ambitious workers are demanding career progression and appreciation of their work – otherwise they’ll look for new jobs.