Workers Say Feeling Appreciated More Important than Pay

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ambitious workers are demanding career progression and appreciation of their work – otherwise they’ll look for new jobs.

Recent findings by Robert Walters, the global recruitment consultant, show that the main reason people in Ireland consider a new job opportunity is because of a lack of recognition from their employer and to continue up the career ladder – getting more money is lower down the list.

More than 50% of Irish workers say that they would leave their job due to a lack of recognition and appreciation from management, while 24% would leave due to a lack of career progression.

Just 14% of Irish workers questioned say that they would leave due to an uncompetitive salary package or benefits, while only 2% of workers around the world would think about moving after receiving a disappointing bonus.

The Robert Walters survey questioned 6,300 workers around the world, in a wide range of sectors, including sales and marketing, HR, IT and banking. The survey proves that outside the financial markets, there is far less focus on bonuses.

“Focusing on employee recognition for performance and work outcomes is one of the most important things that any employer can do to retain staff. Whilst career progression is also important, far more vital to staff is feeling appreciated for the work they do. Management needs to recognise and appreciate their efforts and provide a platform for advancing their career. Paying out the biggest bonuses and highest salary won’t necessarily guarantee that staff will stay put,” comments Louise Campbell, Managing Director for Robert Walters, Ireland.



  • Americans are the most bonus-driven – 5% would leave their work if they received a disappointing bonus – compared to under 1% of Australians and New Zealanders.
  •  South Africans have the highest focus on salary – 22% of respondents would look for a new job on the back of a weak salary package
  • The Flemish are very keen on cultural match and corporate values, with around 20% voting this a core reason for looking for a new job. This compares to just 7% in Ireland.