• Is there a Price Tag for attracting and retaining the best talent for 2015?

    Employers are increasingly aware that all things being equal, it is not an increased salary alone that will secure them the best talentonthemarket place.

  • Salary Negotiation Techniques

    Before you go into the interview, it is important to know what salary you want, what you need to live on, and what you will be prepared to accept.

  • Rules for Successful Negotiation

    When negotiating, remember for the deal to work you both need to feel you have won. You can't expect people to give something for nothing.

  • How to Secure a Pay Rise

    How many of us would not like a salary increase? Very few I suspect. Statistics show that on average most people will get a pay rise of about 3.5% in the year ahead. If you think you deserve more than that, here's how to approach your boss. (And if you are the boss, then here's what to watch out for!)

  • Top 3 tips for getting promoted

    In an era of cut backs and pay freezes, the only way for many of us to increase our take home pay is through a job promotion. I have outlined below three things you should bear in mind when preparing for your interview, to give you the best possible chance of success.

  • Navigating The Stormy Sea of Salary Negotiation

    When should you bring up money in an interview? What if you are not happy with the offer? People Matters address your negotiation queries in this question and answer article.

  • Are You Paid Enough

    Are you making as much money as you should be? That is a question we frequently ask ourselves

  • Negotiate the Right Salary

    'Don’t let yourself be put under the microscope to be prodded, probed and interrogated like some laboratory sample'Interviews needn't be an ordeal.Gerry Kennedy of TheRFT Groupadvises on getting your dream job, and how to negotiate the salary to match in the booming pharmaceutical or medical devices sectors.

  • Salary Negotiation

    Negotiatingremunerationat a job interview can be a tricky business, but not if you know how to go about it and are well-prepared.