Rules for Successful Negotiation

Thursday, April 17, 2014

When negotiating, remember for the deal to work you both need to feel you have won. You can't expect people to give something for nothing.

Rules for Successful Negotiation

1. Preparation - if looking for a pay rise, find out the industry standard etc.
2. Get your timing right - Managers are terribly influenced by what happened recently.
3. Put yourself in their shoes
4. Proposal - be careful with language and tone of voice
5. Debate
6. Bargaining - have an alternative ready
7. Closing

Do Keep a cool head
Do Listen to the other party
Do Leave room to manoeuvre in your proposals
Do Feel free to reject their first offer
Do Offer the smallest concessions first - you may not need to offer the rest.
Do Make conditional offers
Do Probe the other person's attitudes.


Don't blame them for your problem
Don't make too many concessions too early
Don't make your opening offer so extreme that you lose face if you have to climb down
Don't answer questions with a yes or no
Don't make the opposition look foolish
Don't storm out of a negotiation or show your anger or frustration. Arrange an adjournment so you can cool off.