• Hospitality Salary Guide 2014

    The latest salary guide on thehospitality sector from Noel Recruitment

  • Human Resources

    The HR market in Ireland has seen a significant increase in permanent roles in 2013 compared to previous years. There are still steady requirements for Fixed Term and Temporary contracts, particularly in the Talent Acquisition and HR Project Management areas. HR roles have also seen a good geographical spread across the country with 20% of roles coming from outside Dublin.

  • Accountancy & Finance: Financial Services

    Last year we saw further resurgence within the Financial Services sector with increased recruitment demand from Insurance, Fund Administration and Investment Management companies in particular.

  • Accountancy & Finance: Industry and Commerce

    2013 saw steady growth in the accountancy sector continuing on from a similarly positive trend in 2012. The majority of roles have once again been in the large multinational software and pharmaceutical organisations in Dublin and its surrounding areas. But both the Munster and Connaught regions have had continued growth in the manufacturing, energy and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Accountancy & Finance: Professional Services

    Professional Services consulting continuesto be a growth area within accountancyand finance, with the majority of the jobs in this space being created in the Dublin market.

  • Banking and Financial Services

    Overall the banking industry in Ireland in 2013 has proactively tackled the challenges the markethad in recent years and made the appropriate changes in order to move forward. All indications are that 2014 should have brighter skies. The maingrowth areas will continue to be in International Banking and Funds sectors.