• Salary Guide 2018: Hospitality & Catering

    Astoria Partnership is a leading expert in recruiting the best talent for the Hospitality industry. They are our current providers for the 2018 Hospitality survey

  • Salary Guide 2017: IT Permanent

    Demand for software developers shows no sign of slowing down, with the first half of the 2016 marked by high volumes of recruitment activity.

  • Salary Guide 2017: IT Contract & Benefits Guide

    Short and fixed term hires in IT have been slightly lower than 2015, with a number of employers shifting towards hiring permanent staff.Software development technologies remain in strong demand, with especially high interest in from the sector in skills like Full Stack and Java Development.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Accountancy & Finance Contract & Interim Rates Guide

    Contract and interim talent continue to offer companies hiring solutions for short and medium term requirements.Supply of candidates has been adequate although generally lower than previous years due to the continued improvement in the permanent market. This has resulted in candidates receiving multiple offers and improved and extended benefits.

  • Salary Guide: Banking & Stockbroking Contract & Interim Rates Guide

    The contract and interim market in banking and stockbroking sector has remained stable throughout 2016.Unlike previous years where the contract market was primarily to manage costs and headcount more efficiently, in 2016 we have seen a shift towards contractors being employed for specific projects, especially in the areas of arrears support and restructuring, in order to close off loan books as candidates move into new lending positions.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Finance, Treasury & Capital Markets

    In 2016 banks and investment management companies have focused their recruitment needs on positions that specialise in both reporting regulations and capital regulations as a result of strict guidelines from the Central Bank to improve efficiency in these areas.2016 also saw the continued growth of the aircraft leasing sector, where many companies have put a focus on recruiting newly qualified accountants from the Big 4.

  • Salary Guide: Finance Treasury & Capital Markets Contract & Interim Rates

    A look at salary ranges for professionals working in financial services, treasury and capital markets in Ireland in 2017.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Funds Administration Permanentt

    We have seen an increased demand for fund accountants across all levels and in particular those with specialist skills in private equity or hedge / hybrid fund experience.We expect this to continue into 2017. Many of the leading funds and asset management companies are building specialist areas to accommodate the changing regulatory landscape over the coming years.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Funds Administration Contract & Interim

    Demand remains high for fund accountants at all levels.We have seen an increase in anti-money laundering (AML), Know your customer (KYC) and Compliance roles within funds and also an increase in vacancies across Data Governance and corporate actions at all levels. There has also been increased demand for regulatory and monitoring analyst roles within funds.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Accountancy & Finance Salaries in Commerce & Industry

    It has been a tale of two halves for Accountancy and Finance in 2016, with the first half showing continued growth from 2015 throughout the Multinational Company (MNC) and Small and Medium Sized (SME) Market.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Banking & Stockbroking

    2016 remained a competitive year for financial services as the trend continued for the ongoing demand for highly skilled candidates.

  • Salary guide 2017: Insurance & Actuarial

    Over the last year the Insurance market has seen modest improvements with the outlook being positive for 2017.For some time now the salaries across life, general, underwriting, broking and claims have remained static. With the significant uplift in employment throughout 2016 and into 2017 in all sectors, it is evident that the demand for life insurance and financial advice has also increased and this can be attributed largely to employers bringing these products back as standard package benefits for employees.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Audit

    “Business growth constrained by skills shortage for accountancy practices”As the economy in general continues to grow, accountancy practices are focused on capturing and capitalising on that growth as much as possible. Their clients require increasing support to assess, structure and fund new business opportunities both locally and internationally.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Legal

    The continued drive for talent in the large law firms is the most striking aspect of legal recruitment over the past 12 months.There is also no sign of slowdown on the number of in-house legal positions opening up in various sectors. One of key factors affecting recruitment in legal is the growth of in-house legal teams. As a greater number of lawyers are moving in-house, this creates openings in private practice. This is compounded with general economic growth to put further pressure on practices to source the right talent to service the increased workload.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Multilingual

    The Multilingual Salary & Benefits Guide covers salary ranges for customer service, business development and sales professionals who speak two or more languages and work in Ireland in 2017.Morgan McKinley’s Multilingual Desk recruits into roles where a foreign language, fluency or native, is the main priority for companies. 2016 saw continued demand from companies who run their European or global operations out of Ireland, in particular Multinationals who have set up their EMEA HQ in Ireland as well as start-up tech businesses. Growth sectors have been ICT, online retail, social media and outsourcing.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Project & Change Management

    Recruitment activity for project managers, business analysts and PMOs has been steady in 2016.We have seen strong demand coming from consulting houses, industry and financial services groups to include retail banking, international banks, funds houses and insurance companies. The nature of these roles have been to manage projects in the following areas; transitioning of existing or new business, onboarding of new business, migration of business divisions from other jurisdictions, process improvement / re- engineering, change management, business transformation, regulatory and remediation projects.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Compliance

    Compliance professionals are proving to be increasingly in demand.2016 has seen a significant growth for recruitment within compliance as organisations seek to attract experienced talent. We have seen that the primary focus for hiring managers is candidates with 3 plus years of experience across all areas of compliance.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Risk

    Risk and compliance professionals are proving to be increasingly in demand.Risk professionals are proving to be increasingly in demand. 2016 has seen a significant growth for recruitment within risk management as organisations seek to attract experienced talent. We have seen that the primary focus for hiring managers is candidates with 3 plus years of experience across all areas of risk management.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Engineering

    Engineering has been exceptionally busy throughout 2016, with a range of multinationals and SMEs competing for talent across multiple industries.We are seeing companies continue to make big investments in their R&D function and expect this to be area of continued growth into 2017. This year also saw the return of significant activity in the construction industry, with a number of key projects commencing nationwide. Major challenges exist when it comes to recruiting these roles as they require niche skill-sets that are currently in very short supply.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Supply Chain

    “Supply Chain now seen as a value-add function”.Supply chain recruitment in 2016 has continued to evolve and now the function is viewed as a ‘value add ’, a resource, not an overhead. This is due to the hard work applied by current supply chain professionals to engender trust and respect within their respective sectors. This continued evolution is one of the key growth areas we anticipate in 2017.

  • Salary guide 2017: Science

    The past 12 months has seen the science market particularly busy across pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics.The top disciplines in demand remain in: Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Microbiology and Regulatory Affairs. An interesting development is that employers within these sectors are all seeking very similar experience, with the key difference being the industry experience these candidates have.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Sales

    There has been an upswing in recruitment as organisations expand their lean sales teams particularly within telco, FMCG and IT sectors.The continued growth of EMEA sales hubs in Dublin has driven strong demand for inside sales specialists with a European language. There is an oversupply of field sales reps available particularly those with retail & FMCG experience. Conversely, there is an under supply of candidates available for sales roles within specialist areas such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

  • Survey Guide 2017: Marketing

    Recruitment throughout 2016 in marketing was most active in the Dublin market, with many new roles emerging across brand management, channel marketing, communications, advertising and in particular digital and online marketing.The most sought-after professionals for the latter are typically individuals who have developed digital content in a business-to-business environment. Whilst there is an oversupply of general marketeers, specialists in digital marketing, particularly within e-commerce and customer experience, remain in short supply.

  • Salary Guide 2017: HR

    Roles in the Human Resources (HR) market have been consistent with 2015 in terms of the volume of opportunities available.The sentiment in the market is positive with hiring spread across all sectors and industries such as IT, telecommunications, technology, FMCG, banking, financial services, pharma and medical devices. We have also seen a significant number of roles arising due to employee maternity and paternity leave.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Office Support

    During 2016 we have seen a move from fixed term contract roles to more permanent positions within office support.The first half of the year saw a steady increase in permanent roles nationally with that momentum maintained in Dublin in H2 as companies become more confident in making hiring decisions compared to previous years. As a result of this increase in permanent opportunities, there has been a challenge in sourcing professionals who will commit to long-term temporary roles. There has been an a considerable increase in professionals on working holiday visas who are open to temporary office support roles, primarily from North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Customer Services

    The Customer Services Salary Guide covers salary ranges for professionals working in Ireland in 2017.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Legal (Office Support)

    A look at legal salary ranges for professionals working within the Ireland legal sector in 2017.Legal recruitment in 2016 saw steadily increasing growth, with an upturn in the permanent opportunities available a reflection of this positive upturn. Across the top 10 legal firms there was an increased demand in experienced legal secretaries, particularly within corporate, banking, property and litigation, with many of the larger firms requiring a minimum level of 2/3 years’ specific experience.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Executive Search

    Continued high level of demand for 'C' suite executives across all industry sectors.Accreate is the executive search division of the Morgan McKinley Group and is the only Irish executive search firm with extensive international reach through our global office network. We partner with client organisations on a retained and exclusive basis to find the optimum talent for critical and transformational leadership roles at board and 'head of function' level. Ireland’s improving economic climate in 2016 contributed to very buoyant activity in terms of executive search and we saw a return to previous levels of hiring, last witnessed almost a decade ago.

  • Salary Guide 2017: Accountancy in Shared Services

    Shared services centers (SSCs) continue to grow nationwide and remain a key employer for finance professionals across Ireland.The SSC model is now a very mature one with the key advancements coming in the form of IT ERP systems and multinational companies (MNCs) broadening the amount of support functions provided within SSCs. MNCs have consistently targeted Ireland as a preferred location for SSCs due to the high level of education, training and availability of talent. Brexit and the US Election have led to some uncertainty in the SSC market, largely because of high number of US MNCs based in Ireland, although it is doubtful that we’ll see an immediate impact from either electoral outcome.