Internet adoption case: US father accused of child abuse

Thursday, March 01, 2001
The American father in the internet adoption case has been arrested on suspicion of abusing two teenage girls, police said.

Richard Allen and his wife Vickie claimed they bought the twin girls at the centre of the adoption case.

A spokesman for the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department, in southern California, told PA News that Allen had been arrested on suspicion of molesting two teenage girls at his home.

He was arrested at his home in Highland, California, yesterday.

Allen, 49, is currrently being held on 100,000 (£71,000) bail at the West Valley Detention Centre, the spokesman said.

He was arrested by officers from the Sheriff Department's Crimes Against Children unit after they received a report from a 13-year-old girl that she had been sexually molested by Allen.

She told officers she was molested at his home in November last year as she babysat for the couple.

As a result of interviews, a second girl, aged 14, also said she was molested by Allen at his home when she was babysitting.