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The ISPCA is Ireland’s largest national animal welfare charity, and represents 18 affiliated member societies.Together the ISPCA and its members help, rescue, treat and responsibly rehome tens of thousands of animals of all different species. ‘The ISPCA cares for all animals’.Our role is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote animal welfare and to pro-actively relieve animal suffering in Ireland. The ISPCA supports the aims of similarly minded animal welfare bodies throughout the world. The ISPCA believes that animals have the right to live their lives free from needless suffering and we aim to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly rehome animals that are subjected to cruelty or neglect. We also believe that all animals have an intrinsic value entirely independent of their value or use to man and should be respected and protected accordingly. In short, we promote animal welfare, prevent cruelty to animals and relieve animal suffering. Our Mission is that through education, legislation and ongoing support for our 18 affiliated member societies we can Prevent Cruelty to All Animals. Our Animal Welfare Inspectors are the front line against animal cruelty in Ireland, investigating complaints of abandoned, neglected and cruelly treated animals. With legal power under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013, which came into force on 8th March 2014, our Inspectors investigate complaints of animal cruelty and neglect. It is their job to establish the facts behind each case and decide whether or not to initiate a prosecution. Where possible, our Inspectors use their communication skills and animal welfare knowledge to teach animal owners to care properly for their animals. If owners are unable to care for their animals appropriately, our Inspectors will offer the opportunity to surrender them. Prosecution is the last resort but, under certain circumstances, our Inspectors can seize animals and instigate legal proceedings. Check out the ISPCA website for

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