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Mar 30 2012



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Lotus Technical Services is a leading solutions provider offering a complete range of automation and technical services specifically designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, and to maximise the value of our customer's core business.

As Electrical Design Engineer you will operate, maintain and modify all electrical systems and equipment and update elicrequipment to CE marking standards.


Coordinates maintenance activities carried out by either colleagues or contractors in such way that it is performed in a proper, safe and cost effective manner, whilst meeting all the company objectives.

CE marking of equipment

Responsible for the safe working performance of all electricians and contractors performing work for the electrical workshop.

Advise supervisor about maintenance issues when there is pressure from the production department about conflicting interests. In some cases (for safety or availability purposes) the electrician can and will, independently, decide to use the appropriate internal or external resources (in line with departmental budget and purchasing policies).

Communicate and coordinate between assigned department and all involved departments (i.e. BTO, QA, ENG, UO etc.).

Provide the maintenance engineers with sufficient information and advises in order to be able to perform root cause analyses after repeating breakdowns.

Advise supervisor about maintenance issues that might affect the quality or manufacturing production schedule or when there are conflicting interests.

Performs coaching roll towards the electricians.

Coordinate all electrical workshop activities performed by electricians or contractors.

Skills & Qualifications:

At least 6 years experience in electrical design & engineering in chemical and/or pharmaceutical industry (low voltage and high voltage installations).

CE marking experience

Demonstrated skills and experience in Electrical design & engineering processes for large projects, including writing Electrical specifications and related Inspections for several type of installation.

HTS electrical, NEN1010, NEN 3140, Computer skills.

Excellent communication / interpersonal skills

Attention to detail and good problem solving skills

Lotus Technical Services is an Equal Opportunities Employer