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Jun 6 2012



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Citi’s Global Transaction Services (GTS) is a leading provider of cash management, treasury, trade, custody, clearing, depositary receipts and agency and trust services. With a global network spanning more than 100 countries, GTS has a global platform that is unique in the industry for its reach, interoperability and flexibility. We provide clients with timely, accurate information and dynamic, web-based tools to effectively manage their securities portfolios, financial positions, working capital and supply chains. We are currently looking for a development manager to lead our local Treasury Vision technology team.

Liquidity and Investments Technology is a growth area for Citi Ireland. The initiatives in this area include enhancement of Citi’s already successful Treasury Vision Liquidity Management application. The application is used by the largest companies in the world, and so must be robust, scalable and function well.

While the team is located in Dublin, this job requires working within the context of a larger, distributed, team – with globally located colleagues. No travel is envisaged for this role, but it is occasionally possible.

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for delivering technical solutions to complex, global, enterprise level projects, including design, development, implementation, risk and controls. Responsible for establishing and leading a strong software development team of both permanent and contracted resources. Manage business/client relationships with the senior business leaders associated with this project; build and sustain strong relationships with these client groups. Work with the Domain architects and Business Analysts in design and product selection. Work with the right resources for defining a deployment strategy. Will work closely with Program Management and Quality Control teams to deliver quality projects to agreed schedules. Oversee the development of scopes, budgets, time line documents for their area. Work with Program/Project Management to monitor, update and communicate project timelines and milestones; obtain senior management feedback; understand potential technical speed bumps and client’s true concerns/needs.

Developmental Value:

The role provides the successful candidate with the opportunity to manage a software development process across various technologies within the Global Liquidity and Investments team. This work will be executed by building a high calibre team of developers in a fast paced and challenging environment. Knowledge/Experience:

· Experience of successfully managing software development teams and projects.

· Experience of working closely with Production support teams

· Experience of managing in a an offshore delivery model

· Demonstrated people and project management skills.

· 5+ years of software development experience with 5+ years of technology project management experience is required.

· Negotiation, difficult conversation management and prioritization skills.

· Flexibility to handle multiple complex projects and changing priorities.

· Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

· Banking


· Bachelors degree required

· Exceptional candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered for the role provided they have the necessary skills and experience.


· Experience with managing development of client-facing applications.

· Good analytical and business skills.

· Strong interpersonal skills.

· Excellent project and process management skills.

· Experience working in an innovative environment.

· Experience with managing development of enterprise level end to end software applications (UI, Middle Tier, Backend Integration) is required.

· Usability principles and best practice

· Knowledge of the following:

· .NET

· MS SQL Server

· Analytics Services

· Visual Studio

· MQ Server


Desirable skills:

· Experience with banking, liquidity and transactional applications and processes would be advantageous but not essential.

· Experience with managing projects using different development methodologies including Agile

· Strong .NET or Java development experience.

· Experience with Proof of Concept development.


· Ability to work effectively in cross-organizational situations and be enthusiastic about building quality software products with world-class people, processes and tools.

· Possess highly effective written and oral communication skills; excellent organizational and project management skills.

· Demonstrate excellent technical knowledge with experience in managing design and development of large applications.

· Promotes teamwork and maintains effective communication within and across groups.