American Village Camps

American Village Camps

Rue de la Comtesse Cécile, Rodez, Rodez, France


American Village Camps is a leading provider of English language immersion programs designed to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for children and teenagers. The company operates in France, offering a unique combination of language education, cultural exploration, and recreational activities.

Our Mission

Our Educational Approach, in short:

  • A caring immersion experience requires implication : The counselor's attitude has the power to motivate (or de-motivate) the learner. We fervently believe in every learner’s ability – regardless of his level - to participate fully in the program.
  • From dawn to dusk, the counselors speak in English. Only a few designated counselors and the camp director may use French when necessary.
  • A positive atmosphere, fun games, and good relationships create an environment that fosters natural learning.

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