Eurotas are an Irish based company which specialise in supplying manpower to our clients throughout Ireland, Europe and the UK, wherever they need it. We have developed relationships with main contractors who know they can depend on us to provide good quality tried and tested labour to help them complete their projects on time and budget. Eurotas utilise labour from several different international markets to provide value for our clients.

We focus and have processes in place to make sure we recruit suitably skilled workers and mobilise manpower globally and swiftly to meet our clients requirements. We have become a significant international labour provider for main contractors.

Compliance and transparency in all markets is a priority for Eurotas, our proven track record of being compliant wherever in the world we operate has secured the confidence of our clients and a key reason to why they re-use our manpower.

We believe in building a good rapport with all our clients and this is why we appoint suitable Project Support teams for each project. They will liaise with our clients Project Management for smooth day to day operations and updates by carrying out site visits and helping review manpower requirements on a daily and weekly basis, offering flexibility and support however our client and their project requires.

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