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124 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, D02 FT67



At FRS Recruitment, we like to say we are made different. We started out as an agricultural co-operative in 1980, a heritage that is important to us as it guides the way we work today. We have since grown into a multifaceted, industrial, technological and highly specialised co-operative recruitment agency. We span a huge breadth of industries and hire specialised consultants with specific interests from one of our ten offices nationwide. We build partnerships 

You are the expert in what your business does best and when you partner with us, we will give you our insight, expertise and experience in what we do best - innovative recruitment.  

We build careers 

Candidates trust us because we take an interest in not only their career, but also their personal requirements and goals. We give honest advice that comes from years of experience in recruitment. 

We know our market 

And are happy to share! Each of our consultants is an expert in their field and will gladly share their insights with you. They are passionate about recruitment, their industry and are up to date on developments
in their sector. Check out our Blogs written by our very own specialised recruiters.  

We are established, trusted and growing, we work for you. 

Our purpose - changing lives together 

Our purpose is all about the lives we change through our recruitment services. It is this purpose that sets us apart from the rest. 

Our company values 

Our values are an integral part of how we work with our clients, candidates and our colleagues. 


We operate with Integrity. This means we are honest, and do the right thing, not the easy thing. We do this respectfully and transparently. We are guided by our founding ethos that we never make decisions for profit at the expense of doing what is right, profit is for reinvestment to grow the business. 

Intelligent Innovation 

Intelligent Innovation is part of what we do. We want to stay ahead, we want to be better. We are always looking for new ideas. We like to find better ways to do our jobs that mean better results for our candidates
and clients. 

Customer Champions 

We serve the different needs that our clients, candidates and colleagues have. We try to deliver the best results for them and ourselves. We take the time to really understand what our clients need. We seek to
understand the candidates – what they want from their job and what they can do. We are efficient & friendly. We are honest and fair. This sets us apart from our competitors. 


We have great work life balance and there is freedom to make flexibility work. We can adapt to changing circumstances (be it system changes or directional change). We apply this flexibility to our clients too. We
respond to changing circumstances and needs. We get the task done. 


We treat others the way we want to be treated always. We are fair. We seek first to find the best in people (be they our colleagues, clients or candidates). No one ever leaves an interaction with FRS (be they FRS staff
or a client or candidate) without knowing they were always treated fairly. Fairness underpins everything we do everyday. 


We embrace Diversity. Diversity of opinions & cultures. We recognise and honour the value of all people. We learn different things from different people and encourage clients to see what diversity can bring to their business.  

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