Northern Ireland Civil Service

Northern Ireland Civil Service

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As one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers, the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) employs over 23,000 permanent staff across a wide range of disciplines and aspects of government that touch on everyone’s day to day lives. Many provide services to the public such as:

 paying benefits and pensions
 helping people to find work
 staffing prisons
 vehicle testing
 providing services to industry and agriculture
 maintaining roads

The NICS comprises all 10 Government Departments which have the responsibility of supporting the Assembly, the Executive and the institutions of government.   It works to develop and implement government policies and helps deliver services to the public.

Details of the role and areas of responsibility for the 9 ministerial NICS Departments are available here

The NICS recognises that our people are our greatest asset and our terms and conditions reflect this.  The generous terms and conditions offered to Civil Servants are aimed towards an effective work life balance.  Benefits include generous salary and leave entitlement, flexible working hours in most locations and opportunities for advancement.  New appointees also have the choice of an occupational pension scheme or a partnership pension account.

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