25 Cork St, Saint Catherine's, Dublin 8, Co. Dublin


Sophia is a national provider of housing and homeless services. Founded in 1997, the organisation has always been acutely aware of the impact that homelessness has on individuals, couples and families.

2022 is an important milestone for Sophia as we mark 25 years of providing homes and supporting people across Ireland. Over the past two and a half decades Sophia has been supporting people as they emerge from homelessness. Since 2016 Sophia has increrased the number of people it supports by 100% in response to an ever growing need in Ireland. In 2021, Sophia supported 1151 people, 532 adults and 582 children. In 2020 and 2021 Sophia had a housing stability rate of 99% meaning only 1% of those supported by Sophia relapsed into homelessness.

Sophia provides trauma informed services that recognises the impact that homelessness, poverty and social exclusion has on those it supports. Sophia is unique among providers of homeless services in that it focuses exclusively on helping people to leave homelessness by having a home of their own as quickly as possible. 

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