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Wind Energy Ireland

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Who We Are

Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) is the representative body for the Irish wind industry, working to promote wind energy as an essential, economical and environmentally friendly part of the country’s low-carbon energy future.

We are Ireland’s largest renewable energy organisation with more than 150 members who have come together to plan, build, operate and support the development of the country’s chief renewable energy resource.

We are an all-Ireland body, working in Northern Ireland through a partnership with our colleagues in RenewableUK.

We create jobs, invest in communities, reduce our CO2 emissions and work to end Ireland’s reliance on foreign fossil fuels.

We are leaders in Ireland’s fight against climate change.

What We Deliver

In 2018 wind energy provided 29 per cent of Ireland’s electricity.

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland in 2017 wind cut our CO2 emissions by almost 2.7 million tonnes and avoided more than €220 million in foreign fossil fuel imports.

The Environmental Protection Agency credits wind energy with cutting the carbon intensity of our electricity system – the amount of CO2 emitted to produce a unit of energy – to its lowest level on record.

We are an industry proud of our record and confident that our best days are yet to come.

What We Do

We carry out and commission research to influence Government policy on renewable energy
We work closely with statutory bodies and State agencies to support the growth of renewable energy and wind in particular
With the support of SkillNet Ireland we run Green Tech Skillnet which has brought in some of the world’s top experts in their fields to train more than a thousand people to work in the renewable energy sector
We organise and host some of Ireland’s main renewable energy conferences providing an opportunity for learning, skills development and networking
We communicate and explain the benefits of wind energy to policymakers, communities, students, media and the general public
We work with our colleagues in Wind Europe to coordinate policy, research and knowledge-sharing across the continent

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