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Apr 15 2012



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Training Co-ordinator with 3+yrs experience in a similar role within a multinational manufacturing company required for permanent role in South Dublin.


  • Consult with management to identify training, learning and development program needs for employees.
  • Identify knowledge and skills training needs by analyzing business strategy and desired performance results and/or assessing employee training needs.
  • Plan, develop, deliver and evaluate training and related learning support programs to address performance gaps. Strong emphasis on assessment of effectiveness of training.
  • May develop and/or customize training materials targeted at specific trainee groups.
  • Coordinate, deliver and follow-up on training and performance initiatives to individuals and groups.
  • Develop and implement instruments, procedures, and knowledge and job aids in order to assess and support effectiveness of performance improvement, learning and development programs.
  • Prepare and present new employee orientations and initial technical and company cultural induction programs.
  • Maintain training records database, matrices and training metrix.
  • Track and prepare periodic reports on employee learning and training results to continually improve on the transfer of learning to actual jobs and performance.
  • Lead the training function on Quality and Regulatory audits of the training function.
  • Evaluate and apply for state and federal aid available for training purposes and apply for eligible assistance.
  • May prepare and present employee safety training programs. Support all company safety and quality programs and initiatives.
  • Other responsibilities may be assigned from time to time as needed, based on the evolution of the company and the requirements of the department/position.


  • BS/BA
  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role within a multinational manufacturing environment
  • Experience with the design of training systems in a regulated environment and has set up or reengineered a training system in a regulated environment (this would include automotive)
  • Ideally the person would have a technical background.
  • Medical devices or healthcare or pharmaceutical experience essential
  • Must be task oriented, with the ability to adjust multiple priorities win a short period of time
  • Excellent verbal and written and verbal communication skills required
  • Ability to communicate with other team members, visitors, and customers, at all times, in an effective, pleasant, courteous and tactful manner