4 podcasts to keep you “in the know”

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Even though there’s not much happening in our lives at the moment, there’s still a lot going on in the world around us, and from Covid to Brexit, it’s all we seem to talk about.

We may not always find the time to read up on our current affairs but that’s what podcasts are for. Listening to a podcast can really help you get up to scratch on certain topics without having to take time out to do so, allowing you to go about your day whilst turning into a current affairs expert!

Here is a list of four podcasts that will update you on the world in a matter of minutes.

The Stand with Eamon Dunphy: Dunphy has a very clever way of interviewing. His approach is less of an attack but more of a discussion. Inviting all opinions onto his podcast – you’re bound to create one for yourself. His latest guests have included: Assistant Professor and Neuroscientist Tomás Ryan, The Irish Times International Correspondent Naomi O’Leary and Market Analyst Paul Sommerville to give you the inside scoop on the world today.

The David McWilliams Podcast: McWilliams’s podcast does exactly what it says on the tin: ‘The aim of this weekly podcast is to make economics easy, uncomplicated and accessible. With the world at a political, technological, and financial tipping point, economics has never been so important to all of us and yet, it’s made inaccessible and complicated by so many.’ This podcast will correlate the economy to your own life, making it not only easy to understand but also interesting,

The Daily: Hosted by Times political journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily is usually no longer than 30 minutes. So if a quick insight into what’s going on is all you’re looking for then this is the podcast for you.  Its episodes are based on the Times’s reporting of the day with interviews of journalists from the New York Times. The Daily are stories told in an interesting and engaging manner meaning it will keep your attention for as long as it lasts.

Today Explained: The title explains itself. Today Explained is a Monday to Friday news explainer hosted by Sean Rameswaram and featuring journalists in a discussion about the day’s news. Another quick and easy listen of no more than 30 minutes of your time needed.

Now you can have an opinion on all the hot topics of discussion when a friend, colleague, or even an interviewer asks the sometimes dreaded question, ‘What do you think?’


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