Wise words on the importance of good grammar

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“The better the grammar, the clearer the message, the more likelihood of understanding the message’s intent and meaning,” author William Bradshaw wrote in his Huffington Post article.


It’s harder for the majority of people to get their points across through writing than it is through speaking. Think of how a WhatsApp message can be interpreted in a way that was never intended. While words are key for communication, grammar and punctuation are an important part of the process.


Take, for example, ‘Let’s eat Grandma’ versus ‘Let’s eat, Grandma’. It’s clear that commas and other punctuation and grammatical errors have a big impact on a sentence. If you’re a part of a company speaking to clients or applying to jobs, those full stops and commas can speak louder than you may have thought.


There are many reasons why you should ensure your written material is grammatically correct, that spelling mistakes are fixed, and that the correct punctuation is used.


In an article written by outsourced business and operations director Cecile Scaros, she pointed out that good grammar and concise writing make for good first impressions. 

She wrote: “Good spelling, correct grammar, and the appropriate use of punctuation will give them more confidence in the person (or the company) communicating with them.” 


As American author and business trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer put it: “Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And, like all impressions, you are in total control.” 


Recruit Ireland spoke with Katherine Bradford, managing partner with Xllerate Consulting, who outlined some of the key benefits of clear, concise writing.


For Katherine building a good relationship with clients is crucial. She believes clear communications enhance relationships and grammar is the basis for effective communications, “Grammar is a MUST for building and improving relationships with my clients,” she said.


“Using good grammar and properly constructed sentences enhances my ability to provide my clients with accurate information and to have a clear understanding of their requirements,” she continued.


Even though we might use abbreviations on social media or on platforms when we’re texting or messaging, it’s important we know how to rid ourselves of bad habits when it comes to our professional lives.


“Our societies have become less formal in speech, dress, and manners; however, if you wear an evening gown to a swim party, what message are you relaying?  If recruiters toss resumes or CVs with spelling errors, what are your clients doing with your proposals?  Food for thought!” Katherine concluded.


Tools to enhance your writing skills

  • Installing Grammarly on your device is a great start;  it will instantly pick up any grammatical errors in your writing that you might miss. 
  • Reading: A great way to become comfortable with grammatical rules. 
  • Read your work aloud: If you’re unsure, reading your work aloud will help you quickly detect grammatical errors. If it doesn’t sound right, it’s usually not.
  • Online courses: There are online courses for everything these days, even on grammar and enhancing your writing skills


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