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Founded in 1890, Jones Engineering takes pride in its Irish roots.

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Jones Engineering stands as one of Ireland’s premier engineering firms, boasting the distinction of being the largest, longest-established and fastest-growing in the country. As a full-service international engineering contractor, Jones operates across diverse sectors, ranging from high-end manufacturing and semiconductor to energy and sciences.

Jones Engineering’s growth story extends beyond national borders, particularly into Europe and the Middle East. Jones employees often begin their careers in Ireland but end up getting extensive international experience, including working in projects from the Arctic Circle to the Middle East.

Founded in Ireland in 1890, Jones Engineering takes pride in its roots and has delivered world-class projects across the country. The business maintains a balanced approach with approximately 50 per cent of operations located in Ireland and 50 per cent internationally.

Supported by off-site manufacturing capabilities, where significant elements of projects can be fabricated and assembled in factory-like settings and then shipped ready for installation on the construction site, Jones Engineering is poised to deliver complex and significant projects in these regions, solidifying its position as a global engineering leader.

At the heart of this is its people, which as a Dublin-headquartered company, has a very significant Irish element.


The recruitment landscape at Jones Engineering is dynamic, reflecting the company’s constant pursuit of the best engineering and craft talent. The organisation actively seeks candidates for a variety of roles, from apprentices and graduate engineers to more senior hires, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development both in Ireland and abroad.

Jones is one of the largest employers of mechanical and electrical apprentices in Ireland, with projects located all over the country. Many former apprentices have joined Jones straight out of school and progressed into senior leaders within the company. In recent years, its graduate programme has grown considerably and it recruits out of all of Ireland’s universities as well as internationally.

Global opportunities 

Something which sets Jones apart from many of its competitors is the ability to offer opportunities beyond Dublin and even Ireland. The graduate programme exemplifies this, enabling participants to work on projects in various locations, demonstrating the company’s commitment to fostering diverse experiences and perspectives. Jones Engineering’s teams have contributed their skills and expertise to projects across all four corners of Ireland as well as across Europe and the Middle East, enriching employees’ professional journeys.

Prioritising employee wellbeing

Another key driver of recruitment and retention of top engineers is Jones Engineering’s unwavering commitment to employee safety and wellbeing. Recognising the unique challenges in the engineering sector Jones Engineering has taken proactive steps to address mental health concerns through its employee health and wellbeing initiatives. The company has implemented a comprehensive schedule of toolbox talks. These talks contribute to reshaping the culture around mental health in the industry, fostering open conversations and awareness.

A key pillar of Jones Engineering’s wellbeing strategy is its employee health and wellbeing platform. This platform provides employees with unrestricted access to qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, demonstrating an integrated approach to mental health support. Beyond mental health, the platform offers supplementary services, including financial guidance, legal advice, career coaching, meditation, and more. This multifaceted support system underscores Jones Engineering’s commitment to the wellbeing of its employees.

The year ahead 

The past number of years have been challenging for the world and 2024 is not expected to be different. Whether it’s the rise of generative artificial intelligence which will necessitate further global investment in data centres and semiconductor microchips, the growth of renewables as countries forge a path towards green energy, or the continued development of new pharmaceutical drugs, Jones Engineering is at the centre of the industrial sector as a key supply-chain partner of the world’s leading technology and pharmaceutical companies. At the heart of this is its Irish engineering and craft workforce, who continue to deliver some of the world’s most complex projects across the globe.


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