How to advance in your career: Nine tips for success

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1 Never stop learning

Keeping pace with developments in your line of work is vital. Don’t allow yourself to become the dinosaur in the office. One of the best things that happened in this pandemic is the acceleration of online learning. Education has become more accessible than ever and is a great way to stay relevant in the workforce.

2 Work on goals

Prioritising your goals is probably the best advice anyone can give you. If the assignments you are working on are not something that excite you or if they won’t take you to where you want to be, motivate yourself with personal tasks to help you achieve your goals. Talk to your employer about where you are aiming to be career-wise.

Setting goals organises your way of thinking and keeps you focused.

3 Be a team player

Everyone will appreciate a person who works well alongside other people rather than someone who sees themselves as a maverick. Being a team player helps you build a strong network and good relationships with your co-workers, and we all need a good support system in work. You can still have a strong voice and be a team player.

4 Value your health

Above everything else, taking care of your health is one of the most important things you can do to advance in your career. Make sure you take regular breaks, communicate with your employer if the workload is getting too much and make sure you have a life outside work. Nobody is going to thank you for being a martyr to the cause.

5 Speak up

Express your ideas and speak up. It’s great to walk the walk but it helps if you can talk the talk too. Confidence can take you places and people are more likely to listen to you. You might be quaking in your boots but if you can give the impression of confidence when you are speaking, this will give your co-workers the impression you are reliable and authoritative.

6 Welcome feedback

Always welcome feedback and take the opportunity to improve your skills and performance. If you feel the feedback is unfair, explain the reasons why calmly and give some examples to back up your argument.

7 Ask for help

Don’t be an island. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of a willingness to learn and collaborate with colleagues.

8 Enjoy

Make sure whether it is your dream job or a stepping stone to your dream job, you are mostly enjoying what you’re doing. No job is going to be endlessly stimulating, there will always be the boring chores to complete, but by being invested in what you do and having goals, it makes for a far happier work life.

9 Challenge yourself

Say yes to the things that scare you. Constantly challenge yourself and allow yourself to become better at what you do and learn new things. You might surprise yourself by being able to do things you wouldn’t previously have tried.


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