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Cork is a special place, packed with talented people. We’re extremely lucky that many of those people work for Cloudera. We’re expanding rapidly and we’d love to welcome you, yes you— hi there — into our team.

We’ve always sought to be a people first company and in the last two years that has become even more important. To help people thrive — not just simply survive — we’ve put in place a number of initiatives such as our WFH code, designed to help all employees step away when needed and to prioritise their own health, as well as that of their loved ones.

But we realised that wasn’t enough. It’s been an intense time and people need the ability to decompress, so in July 2020 we announced our Unplugged days.

These are days in addition to annual leave that are yours to spend as you wish. Whether that’s to get outdoors, reconnect with people you haven’t been able to see in a while or spend the day on the sofa binge watching your favourite TV programme.

Our Cork office is a Centre of Excellence (COE) that has grown astronomically in the two years since it was established. It’s home to HR, Finance, Operations, Sales, IT, Marketing, Engineering and Professional Services teams that are supporting our global workforce.

As a COE, we’ve always taken on challenges and been seen as a place where innovation could be tried. There is a hunger for development from our team and a true desire to lead the way. That outlook is helping us to build for the future. That’s where you come in.

As we enter a new phase, we’re looking for exceptional individuals to come and join our team. Data truly is changing the world around us. From vaccine development to sustainability, data and analytics is the heart of change being driven through technological advancements.

We’re striving to make the impossible possible, why not come and join us?

“Why Cloudera is for me”

Kirstie Gaynor, Director of Corporate Strategy and Planning

I joined Cloudera six years ago because I wanted to work for a tech start-up. Since then the company has grown exponentially. The sales operations team has been on the front line of that growth, exposing me to new learnings and enabling me to seize opportunities that I simply wouldn’t have had at other companies.

Embrace the unknown

When I joined I was a senior analyst working on the EMEA Operations Team and now I’ve taken on a new role as director of corporate strategy and planning, which includes our Corporate Go To Market Operations group and also our Global Field Compensation groups. I can’t wait to become part of this fantastic team and get stuck in.

During my time here, I’ve been regularly pushed out of my comfort zone and have to adapt to the unknown. That could be scary, but Cloudera has invested in training platforms, like Udemy, to enable people to hone their existing skills and learn new ones. We also have a number of business mentorship programmes. Through my business coaching experience, I’m learning so much about wider stakeholder engagement that’s enabling me to expand my leadership skills.

An open culture

I relish being surrounded by ambitious people that are striving to be the best they can be for themselves, their colleagues and the business. We all support each other in reaching for our goals, I have more professional cheerleaders than I ever thought possible. That’s thanks to the inclusive culture that’s been embedded right from the get go.

Always be curious

One of my favourite times of the year is when we welcome in our new interns. We work closely with MTU. Every year, we learn so much from them as they bring new ways of thinking, interrogate our processes and ask us ‘why?’ That means we have to be on our A game, never resting on our laurels and always thinking about how we could be doing things differently. As a result, our whole business benefits.

Be part of the change

Joining Cloudera when I did has meant that I’ve had the opportunity to have a tangible impact on our growth trajectory over the last few years. As a tech company we are always evolving — so my advice to anyone reading this would be to get in touch and join the team. It will be a rewarding and exhilarating adventure where you’ll get to be your best self and be part of a company that feels like a family.

Join us


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