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Client ID:

RI/JO-1112-239669 M

Posted On:

Dec 5 2011



Job Type:




Cpl Healthcare are currently recruiting for Counsellor / Therapists for a number of community based sessional assignments across the South East of Ireland including: Waterford, Wexford, South Tipperary, Carlow and Kilkenny.

The roles will involve providing counselling / therapy for individuals who have displayed or are at risk of self harm.

In order to be considered for these assignments, candidates must possess:

Qualifications/ Experience:

· Relevant primary degree or a recognised health care qualification including social work, nursing or medicine


Accredited qualification in counselling or psychotherapy recognised by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or a relevant body within the Irish Council for Psychotherapy


A relevant post graduate qualification

· A minimum of two years experience in counselling/psychotherapy

Organisational Knowledge:

· Awareness of HSE structure and services

· Knowledge of notification procedures around child protection

Professional Knowledge:

· Detailed understanding of risk factors associated with suicide and self harm

· Ability to assess clients suitability for counselling/psychotherapy

· Ability to respond to a range of mental health issues

· Knowledge of relevant legislation

Core Competencies:

· Initiate and maintain effective therapeutic relationships with clients

· Ability to work with short term therapeutic contracts

· Ability to work with couples, families and groups

· Ability to work effectively and confidentially with challenging client processes

· Ability to work with traumatised clients

· Ability to work with vulnerable at risk client group

Other Requirements:

Candidates must have sufficient public liability and professional indemnity insurance in place to a level no less than 6.5 million euros

For further information on these opportunities, please forward a copy of your C.V. to [email protected] or call Justin Fraser on 01 482 5428 / 085 275 7992