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Feb 22 2012



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Quality Engineer - County Clare.

This is a permanent position, and will work with manufacturing to improve the quality and consistency of products, at all stages in the production process ensuring that quality is improved upon and maintained to the highest levels.

Key responsibilities:

Lead and participate in Quality Assurance projects such as yield improvements and other Quality tasks.

Lead technical innovations from a quality perspective.

Provide knowledge and experience in process capability; process standardisation projects ensuring Quality is maintained to the highest levels.

Use Lean and Six Sigma tool box development and application in daily work ensuring that all.

Key Requirements for this role:

Relevant Engineering Degree.

At least 3 years Quality Engineering experience in high intensity manufacturing facility.

Demonstrated success in using Lean/Six Sigma tool box.

Knowledge of milling, sieving, sizing of small powder related materials.

Strong organisation and project management skills

Excellent communications skills including writing and presenting technical product and service information to engineers, operators, and senior business managers.

Ability to research and solve technical problems as needed.

Superior time management and follow-though with ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks while continuing to make progress, and bring to completion, longer term projects.

The successful candidate will be a self starter and display a dynamic and committed work ethic to led continual improvements and innovation.

The successful candidate will have the ability to work in small groups and manage a dashboard of multi disciplined projects to completion.