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Apr 3 2012



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ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF THE POSITION The Process Technology Projects Purchaser is expected to be capable of functioning as a procurement resource in the full life cycle of procurement activities from qualification of suppliers including auditing, sub contractors, sourcing, negotiations, order placements expediting and close out of orders and accounts. This position will have a truly global reach, covering all continents to ensure the full range of services, and sub contracts necessary to deliver competitive process technology solutions on a global basis.

An essential part of this position will involve frequent overseas travel to undertake pre-qualifications, audits, negotiation and as necessary to fulfill the role.

Due to time zone differences, the role will require resource flexibility on working hours to meet the needs of the specific project.

The following sections give more detail on what the role involves. It is not intended to be exhaustive and is therefore not limited to those listed.


  • Strong Organisational and Negotiation skills Attendance at quality audits by customers and NSAI
  • Generation of a pre qualified global supplier base
  • Ensure NDA’s are put in place and maintained where necessary for suppliers
  • Maintain SAP system with fully up to date information
  • Positively influence the integration of BIS with FTS and ensure minimal project impact in this migration
  • Fully responsible for compliance with Financial and Accounting practices, policies and procedures
  • Fully responsible for compliance with Financial and Accounting practices, policies and procedures including annual updating of RCA documentation. RCA is Risk & Controls Assessment - Rockwells Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Attendance at Internal / External Finance audits
  • Work with Team to generate project specific vendor lists, and ensure the SAP vendor master list is maintained.
  • Continued development, maintenance and implementation of all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Guidelines, Templates necessary for the function
  • Work with Team to generate project specific vendor lists
  • Expediting and reporting on all project procurement deliverables and ensuring team are notified of any changes, and keeping data up to date
  • Co-ordination of procurement of all process components
  • Adherence to budgeted hours for the activities and tracking of same where applicable
  • Proactively support team in developing budgetary costs estimates
  • Ensuring adherence to Project Schedules at all times
  • Ensure best in class practices are applied
  • Support Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Responsible to ensure that all procurement terms and conditions are in conformance with RA policies and procedures
  • Liaise with C&N on contract terms and conditions as necessary
  • Work closely with team to ensure we achieve the maximum commercial and technical protection against risks imbedded in our procurement contracts
  • Monitoring and tracking of all deliveries and ensuring PO’s are closed
  • Verification of correctness and completeness of suppliers scope prior to final invoice payments
  • Generate a searchable data base / library for all historical quotes / bids received that can serve as a reference for budgetary quotes
  • Maintain a master project procurement log, for all projects, that will service as a reference for future bid development
  • Clear and open communication with the entire team is paramount, that co-operation exists at all levels to ensure that the team can work positively, efficiently, productively, thereby maximizing return on effort
  • Work with suppliers to insure continuous improvements in cost, quality, delivery can be achieved
  • Part take in value engineering activities on projects as necessary
  • Proactively seek out new products, suppliers and solutions that can maintain and improve our competitiveness
  • Develop and put into practice general, technical and commercial pre qualification questionnaires for suppliers and sub contractors as part of the establishment of global supplier base
  • Maintain all project related Warehouse / stores delivery status, keeping the SAP / Procurement system in synchronization with actual status. This will include the Good Goods Received Notice (GRN) for all procured components.

  • Provision of all procurement reports to the project management team on a monthly basis or as required on the specific project
  • Report cost savings generated during negotiations from Quote to Final Order placement
  • Reports weekly or as necessary to notify team of any change in status on project components
  • Report as necessary to the Finance Team on a monthly basis

  1. Suitable 3rd level qualification. And / or relevant experience in similar role
  2. Experience across the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Petrochemical, fine chemical and food industries
  3. Self-starter – ability to initiate and drive projects with little supervision
  4. Experience in use of SAP preferred
  5. Ability to work in high pressure environment to tight deadlines
  6. Strong team player who can work and integrate into present team
  7. Proficient in the use of Microsoft office (excel, word power point)
  8. Clean Full Driving Licence
  9. Creative problem solver – ability to find creative solutions with a “can-do” attitude, in a fast paced environment
  10. Strong work ethic – someone who loves to do great work and takes pride in professionalism, responsibility, and proactive-ness
  11. Strong communications skills, both in writing and speaking