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May 3 2012



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EUR45,000 - EUR50,000

Financial Controller

Reporting to Finance Director.

Group of 3 companies - 2 in Ireland and 1 in the UK.

Unified communications business. Selling hardware, software and associated support services.

Staff of 20.

Worldwide sales.

Group turnover 5m with a target of 10m in 3 years.

Responsibility for finance function.

Streamline financial systems and processes.

Lead annual budgeting process.

Produce monthly management accounts and commentary.

Produce adhoc reports and lead financial projects.

Liaise with auditors and tax advisors.

Have the ability to investigate overseas tax issues.

Provide day to day support and insight into the creation of intelligent reports for sales and operations teams.

Ensure the company maximises the potential of its recently installed CRM system.

Salary range €45,000 - €50,000 plus bonus depending on experience.