Five online interview courses to help you land your dream job

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With a pandemic in our midst, face-to-face learning has been put on hold for the foreseeable, and while COVID has put a stop to plenty of activities, improving yourself professionally can still be a priority.

In fact, there are many pros to the learning-from-home environment. Some courses are cheaper as a result of being online, you don’t have to face a commute and you can usually complete them in your own time.

Here is a list of five courses that you can do from the comfort of your own home. The nature of work interviews has changed so much so why not keep up!

1. LinkedIn Learning: Interviewing Techniques

As everyone has turned to digital your professional profile should too and given the changing nature of working circumstances it’s also the perfect time to refresh your interview skills.

LinkedIn is a great space for learning about new jobs and networking but it’s also educational. They have lots of modules that offer classes in this area, meaning you can choose what sort of information you really need and when you want to watch it- entirely on your schedule. One of the many beauties of online courses.

2. Udemy

Udemy has a great variety of interview courses ranging from general interview courses to more specific ones on how to do well in an interview for a specific role. It’s also cheap and cheerful. Professional development courses can cost hundreds but with Udemy you can buy courses for as little as €12.99.

3. Hilt Interview Training

Even though this course is more costly, it’s completely tailored to your needs. Prior to this training, you send Hilt the job description, your CV and/or application form, and all other information you have received about the interview process. They then create questions specific to the role and your application to ensure you are as prepared as you can possibly be. You’ll even receive a Trigger Word summary which allows you to easily recall your answers during the interview.

4. James Innes Group

This Irish website is another one that has a great variety specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a seasonal job seeker just looking for a refresher course or just needs to practice, this website has it all.


From competency-based interviews, structured interviews, behavioral interviews to traditional interviews, panel interviews, and phone interviews. Measurability offers support for all types.

Paul Mullen, interview expert and founder of Measurability, said: “Video interviews can feel unfriendly and distant. Don’t panic, this feeling is quite normal. Keep smiling, be friendly, and stay positive throughout.”

When recruit Ireland asked him for one of his best interview tips, he said: “Multiple people on the screen, including yourself, can be distracting. Focus on talking into the camera. This is critical to communicating your message as the interviewers will feel you are looking at them. You can glance at the interviewers on the screen from time to time but only to check they are not asleep.”

He continued: “Video interviews can be exhausting. Be physically and mentally ready. Don’t be a mannequin! Work hard on maintaining your energy, right to the end! Put emphasis on body language and tone of voice.

“Preparation is key! Remain focused on the job you are interviewing for. Sell yourself – highlight your achievements and results, and avoid listing duties and responsibilities.”

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