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Cork University Hospital (CUH) is the tertiary referral centre for the HSE Southern area and the supra-regional area of Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, Waterford and Kilkenny serving a total population of over 1.1 million. “The opportunities are endless,” said Director of Nursing, Helen Cahalane.

What jobs are coming up with Cork University Hospital?

”We have lots of posts on offer and always do”, said Helen. The posts are everchanging and under various specialities with lots of educational opportunities coming up for people too, such as postgraduate education programmes. “Education is ongoing for our own staff too. There are many opportunities for career pathway progression, specialist nursing and education,” said Helen.

An example of one of the many job openings within CUH is the role of Staff nurse. “This involves everything from paediatrics to the care of the elderly and everything in between, making for a very dynamic and exciting role.”

What do qualifications/traits make for a star candidate?

Whilst the jobs and qualifications vary for each role, one thing a lot of them will have in common is a passion for a high standard of patient care. “We pride ourselves in caregiving, our focus is on patient care and high standards of that care is our main focus.”

Why should someone choose a career with CUH?

When Recruit Ireland Helen why someone should consider a career with CUH her response was “why wouldn’t someone choose a career in CUH. With all the specialities within in CUH, the daily challenges of it, the opportunities there, you’re working in a dynamic environment, and we’re the only level one trauma hospital in the country, we serve a very large geographical area.”

“There’s an amazing team of staff here with amazing skills and competence giving people great opportunities to learn and develop themselves through so many good mentors. Opportunities, we are a teaching hospital, we have graduates and postgraduate, the opportunity is huge. It’s an attractive package for anyone that wants to develop their career or specialise in a career. Nursing is a career where there lifelong learning and CUH can provide you with that,” she continued.

Ongoing expansion

CUH will be even bigger than the recent very large €77m extension to the Bon Secours Hospital (c160,000 sq ft) on Western Road by 2024. It will have a six-bed paediatric assessment unit and an ambulatory, or outpatient care space, a school, a HSPC (health and social care professional) space, a physio gym, and a clinic space for occupational therapists and dieticians.

With ongoing expansion projects, it will help tackle waiting lists, provide a range of walk-in diagnostic services as well as a growth in job opportunities, “it’s nearly easier to say what we don’t have than what we do, because there’s so much to us,” Helen concluded.

To apply to the Staff Nurse click here or visit for all vacancies.

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