Irish Times Training: Introducing the 2022 Schedule of Programmes

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As we approach the end of another year and look forward with hope to a new year we at Irish Times Training are delighted to launch our schedule of courses for 2022.

There are some important new developments as we include two programmes that will address current urgent business needs; Sustainability for Business Success and Managing Hybrid Teams. These programmes will provide participants with access to expertise and insights which will help them to make sound business decisions right now, and for the years ahead.

Our 2022 schedule of courses is driven by our intention to support businesses and their staff with truly beneficial training. As businesses focus on driving brand engagement, retaining and investing in staff is of the highest priority. From Personal Effectiveness and Communication to Leadership skills, from Digital Marketing to University Accredited programmes, right throughout the year, our courses continue to provide you and your teams with the building blocks to support your organisations and careers. You can search our wide range of courses here.

Key considerations for organisations as we move into 2022

So, what are the top items on our agendas as we look towards the new year?

Managing Hybrid and Dispersed Teams

Irish Times Training MD, Imelda Rey, gave us her assessment of the year ahead. “As companies move towards a hybrid workplace where a large number of office employees rotate in and out of offices, companies will need to adapt their culture and how they engage with their employees to maintain productivity.”

In this week’s announcement of the new Managing Hybrid Teams programme, Imelda commented, “While this way of working embraces the flexibility that most employees crave, it will present challenges for leaders and managers. As well as the usual key management skills that include organisation and delegation, problem solving and decision making, managers will need to adapt their communication, performance management and project management methods in order to create cohesive and effective work relations.”

Bookings for this programme for dates throughout 2022 are now open and you can read more details here.

The Sustainability Agenda – the 21st Century Leadership Model

Following the COP 26 conference, and the world-wide climate change stories in 2021, the importance of developing a sustainability agenda in 2022 will be high on every organisation’s strategic plan.

Irish Times Training MD Imelda Rey announced the launch of the new Sustainability for Business Success programme this week. “Irish Times Training are delighted to partner with The Cube Low Carbon Centre of Excellence and Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability Ltd on this programme,” she said.  “The sustainability agenda begins with making a commitment to incorporating social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into a company’s strategic decision-making. The challenge for many organisations is understanding what these commitments should look like to drive real change.”

This programme is made up of of seven interlinked theme-focussed Masterclasses which will guide organisations as they develop the sustainability template for their organisation. With the help of expert speakers and the programme facilitator, participants will be able to map their plan’s implementation and integration into their long-term business strategy.

At the conclusion of the programme, participants can submit their plan to the programme co-ordinators for feedback and guidance before they bring it back to their organisation for implementation. A corporate strategy focusing on sustainability can add brand value, increase efficiency, attract valuable talent and create new opportunities, so a clear plan of action is essential for organisations to get off to the right start.

While taking their first steps into setting out clear and actionable sustainability plans, businesses will need expert support. “The seven interlinked Masterclasses will guide organisations as they develop the sustainability template for their organisation, helping them to map its implementation and integration into their long-term business plans.”

Bookings are now open for programme dates throughout 2022 and you can find more details of the programme here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our training sessions in 2022. If you have any questions for the team please don’t hesitate to contact us at

You can find the full schedule of courses here.

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