Ten minutes with John Prout, Director of Recruitment with EHS International

"Never allow lack of effort to be the reason something doesn’t work out," advises EHS International's John Prout.

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John Prout, known as JP, is the recently appointed Director of Recruitment entrusted with leading EHS International’s recruitment division. With a career spanning over two decades across diverse sectors, he brings a wealth of expertise, energy, and passion to the recruitment industry. 

How did you get started as Director of Recruitment at EHS International?

I was driven by the desire to connect talented professionals with rewarding career opportunities. My experience spans various industries, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment landscape. This is a defining career move for me and one I have worked for over 20 years to achieve. My commitment to delivering a best-in-class experience seamlessly aligns with EHS International’s values. I am genuinely excited about the immense opportunities and potential in this role.

Why did you choose to work with EHS International?

EHS International’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) sectors resonated with me. I am a professional in all that I undertake and EHS International impressed me with its mission. The company’s vision of transforming the industry and creating meaningful employment opportunities aligned perfectly with my professional values.

What are you working on at present?

In my current role as Director of Recruitment, I am leading efforts to build the largest EHS talent pool in Europe. This involves implementing best-in-class practices, mentoring teams, and fostering genuine business relationships to ensure our recruitment division’s success. I have implemented the latest technology available in the market to drive advanced talent searches while driving efficiency.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the opportunity to connect exceptional talent with a company that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the EHS sector. EHS International’s vision is clear, to provide the largest single-source company for the EHS sector in Europe. This is something I truly believe we will achieve, while having the chance to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world is incredibly rewarding.

What is a defining career moment or high point?

My defining career moment is right now, joining EHS International as the Director of Recruitment. This role allows me to contribute in a real meaningful way to the company’s growth and success while making a significant impact on the recruitment industry. I’m proud to be part of a team dedicated to fostering talent and excellence.

Where do you see the EHS industry five years from now?

I envision the EHS industry evolving toward greater integration of technology-driven solutions, heightened sustainability practices, and a demand for comprehensive EHS services. EHS International is at the forefront of shaping these trends, leading the way in setting new benchmarks for industry standards.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve received?

This is an easy one for me as I have lived by this answer, which combines two pieces of professional advice. I was told, that to be truly successful, it is important to first gather a wide range of expertise and then choose a specialism from these. When you decide to specialise, be the best you can be and immerse yourself in your chosen field. For me this is recruitment. The second part is never to allow lack of effort to be the reason it doesn’t work out.

If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice at the start of your career, what would that be?

I would advise my younger self to embrace challenges with resilience and maintain a continuous learning mindset. Each challenge presents an opportunity for growth and improvement. It is true that life is a journey, make yours interesting.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about interviewing for this position?

For those considering a role in recruitment at EHS International, I would emphasise the importance of having a genuine interest in our sector. Determination and discipline are what I look for from my team. These traits can beat most people at almost anything.

What would you say are the key skills and capabilities necessary to be good at what you do?

Being successful in recruitment requires excellent communication skills, a deep understanding of the industry, and the ability to build strong relationships. Adaptability, resilience, and discipline will almost guarantee success in this industry.

What is the best career lesson you have learned so far?

The best career lesson I’ve learned is the value of creating a positive and inclusive work environment. Fostering a culture of collaboration, recognition, and professional development not only benefits the team but also contributes to the overall success of an organisation. Finally, I would say as a professional, respect your time because if you don’t, then how can you expect others to.

Which industry professionals should people be following on Twitter/ LinkedIn?

EHS International’s CEO, Chris Mee, on LinkedIn for EHS insights is the foremost name in the industry. I suggest following other business leaders in your sector. Be sure to connect with me also.

Is there a particular book or resource you’d recommend to someone early in their career?

The Power of One More by renowned keynote speaker Ed Mylett and Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering The Art and Science of Getting Past No by Jeb Blount.

What’s your favourite place to holiday?

My absolute favourite holiday destination is Edinburgh, Scotland. It holds a special place in my heart — second only to Cork, of course.

What are you reading at the moment?

Currently, I’m engrossed in Buy Your Time Back by Dan Martell.

What’s your favourite meal?

Without a doubt, my go-to favourite meal is Thai Green Curry.

Join the EHS Team by visiting www.ehsinternational.com


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