Upskilling courses in Ireland

Upskilling can lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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In a rapidly changing job market, upskilling equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to stay relevant and competitive. It helps individuals expand their skill set, making them more valuable to employers and increasing their chances of career advancement and job security.

Before we list some useful upskilling courses for various professions in Ireland, let’s take a look at the benefits of upskilling.

What are the advantages to taking an upskilling or short course? 

By upskilling, individuals enhance their employability and broaden their job opportunities. It demonstrates their commitment to professional development and their ability to contribute to the organisation’s success.

Upskilling also provides individuals with improved techniques, best practices, and problem-solving abilities. This leads to enhanced productivity and efficiency in the workplace. By staying updated with the latest methodologies and tools, individuals can optimise their workflows and deliver higher-quality results. 

What are the institutions and courses for upskilling in Ireland?

Nurses and medical professionals 

The upskilling courses for nurses in Ireland play a vital role in advancing their knowledge and abilities, ensuring they stay updated with the latest developments in healthcare. In terms of pricing, the cost of upskilling nurses and other medical professionals can vary depending on factors such as the institution, course duration, and level of qualification.

Notable institutions in Ireland that offer upskilling courses for nurses include the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Galway, Dublin City University, University of Limerick, Institute of Technology, Sligo, and the Irish Institute of Pharmacy. Innopharma Education also has courses to upskill in the fields of Food Science, Pharmacology, Medical Devices, and more. 


Some specific courses and specialisations available for electricians in Ireland include Electrical Installation and Inspection, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies, Industrial Control Systems, Fire and Security Systems, and Smart Home Technology.

Organisations in Ireland that offer upskilling courses for electricians include the Electrical Training Group, Solas, Technological University Dublin, and various local colleges and training providers.


Plumbers in Ireland have a range of options for upskilling and advancing their careers through specialised courses and training. Some specific courses and specialisations available for plumbers in Ireland include: Plumbing Installation and Maintenance, Renewable Energy Technologies, Gas Safety and Regulation, and Water and Sanitary Systems. 

Institutions and organisations in Ireland that offer upskilling courses for plumbers include City & Guilds, the Construction Industry Federation, and various local colleges and training providers.

Warehouse workers

Did you know that there are also upskilling courses for warehouse workers in Ireland? Some of these include: Warehouse Operations and Management, Forklift Operation and Safety, Inventory Management and Stock Control, and Health and Safety in Warehousing. 

Institutions such as the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management and the National Training and Development Institute may offer relevant upskilling courses or guidance for warehouse workers in Ireland. Additionally, local training providers and vocational colleges may provide specialised programs for warehouse operations.

Digital marketers

As one of Europe’s tech hub, digital marketing became an in-demand skill. For some of the digital marketers, they can even get a nomad visa working in other parts of Europe or the rest of the world. Digital marketers can upskill on Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Digital Analytics and Data Insights, and Content Marketing. 

Institutions  in Ireland that offer upskilling courses for digital marketing professionals include the Digital Marketing Institute, the Irish Times Training, and various local colleges and training providers.


Some specific upskilling courses and specialisations available for HR practitioners in Ireland include HR Management and Strategy, Employment Law and Compliance, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, Performance Management and Employee Development, Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution. 

Organisations in Ireland that offer upskilling courses or advice for HR practitioners include the Irish Institute of Training and Development, the Irish Management Institute, and various local colleges and training providers.


For employees in the IT or tech sector, upskilling can be a good way of finding a specialisation: Programming and Software Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and DevOps, Data Science and Analytics, IT Project Management. Institutions in Ireland that offer upskilling courses or advice for individuals in the IT industry include Technological University Dublin, the Irish Computer Society


Teachers in Ireland have various opportunities to upskill and enhance their professional development through specialised courses and training programs. This is very beneficial for NQT or newly qualified teachers, whether they’re in the primary or secondary school level. 

Some specific courses and specialisations available for teachers in Ireland include: Pedagogy and Teaching Methodologies, Special Education and Inclusion, Well-being and Mental Health in Schools. 

Institutions in Ireland that offer upskilling courses or advice for teachers include the Teaching Council, the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, and various local education centres. More can be found in this government site that contains information about CPD or Continuing Professional Development for teachers.  

Door supervisors or security teams 

In Ireland, the Private Security Authority (PSA) is the regulatory body responsible for licensing door supervisors. The PSA mandates that door supervisors must complete the “Basic Guarding Skills” course as a prerequisite for obtaining a licence. This course covers essential skills such as conflict management, communication, emergency response, and legal responsibilities.

Apart from the mandatory course, there are additional upskilling courses available for door supervisors in Ireland, also administered by the PSA: Physical Intervention and Conflict Management, First Aid and Emergency Response, Customer Service and Communication Skills, and Alcohol Licensing and Responsible Beverage Service.

Upskilling FAQs

How long does it take to upskill?

Are there short courses in upskilling? It really depends on the type of skill you want to learn. Some of the courses may last two to three months while some are on a self-paced schedule which means that you will progress depending on how frequent you attend lectures. 

How can you upskill while in employment?

Upskilling while in employment can be tricky as it would take some of your time away from work. Luckily, there are companies like some tech or consultancy firms that will actually pay you or shoulder the cost of your upskilling.  

The best course of action for this is to ask yourself what kind of career you want to have. If it’s still in the same line of work, then you may benefit to upskill something related to a current task or job requirement. 

Are there any paid, back-to-work upskilling courses?

The good news is that the government has several back-to-work and upskilling grant schemes

There are weekly payment options for the back to education programme which is available for part-time education courses too. There is also the Education, Training and Development Option that allows people to keep jobseekers’ payment while taking part in a short course. 

Where can you upskill in Ireland?

Most of these courses are online but some have in-person classes as well. If you’re in Newbridge, they also have the Further Education and Training Centre. In Galway, they also have Galway Executive Skillnet and the GRETB Training Centre. In Donegal, they also have the Letterkenny Training Centre.

How can you find new jobs after you upskill?

After you have completed your upskilling courses or training, then it’s time to look for a new job! You can start here at Recruit Ireland:


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