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  • Job reference number:15321504
  • Posted on:09-FEB-2018
  • Location:WORLDWIDE
  • Job type:PERMANENT

Tax Free HR Assessment Specialist

Location: Saudi Arabia

Salary: €70k


  • Conduct assessment centers in All required levels in both languages Arabic or English.
  • Evaluate service provider’s assessment tools and looking for new vendors.
  • Writing development reports for assessment centre.
  • Participate in screening process for development programs or feed the replacement table.
  • Design exercise and structure interviews based on competencies.
  • Reflect all result in the system and save the report in the database.
  • Measure the validity of the Assessment tools.

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in Management or equivalent.
  • Certification on assessment center design and assessor.
  • Certification on 360 assessment and occupational level A and B.
  • Course or certification on competency and its applications.



  • 5 years exp in Conducting and designing Assessment Centre for leadership positions .
  • Dealing with different personality assessments.
  • Giving feedback to participants based on their results.
  • Must be fluent in Arabic and English.


  • Actively engages with external colleagues and consortiums in his field of expertise and acts as an idea leader inside the company.
  • Articulates technical justification that supports strategic direction and encourages implementation.
  • Using cost/benefit analysis recommends process changes and new technologies.
  • Actively supports change initiatives by proactively implementing new policies, processes, and technology.
  • Provide technical expertise to support team members as they seek to achieve their goals.
  • Provides technical training and coaching to other team members.
  • Is skilled at communicating technical knowledge to the right people at the right time in an understandable way.
  • Is proactive in helping people develop the technical competencies they need for high performance.
  • Is a role model for treating others with humanity, justice, and temperance, even under stressful circumstances.
  • Invests time mentoring key employees to develop and broaden their contribution.
  • Helps colleagues understand the long-term benefits of working for the organization.
  • Uses own internal and external networks to help others in the organization.
  • Is skilled at analyzing data to evaluate a problem, and then sharing with others the broader implications for his technical area in a mass of detail.
  • Masters unfamiliar information, tasks, and situations quickly and effectively, while consistently looking for novel ways to solve problems.
  • Provides timely corrections on technical issues and assists others in the organization to understand their accountabilities.
  • Uses technical skills to coach and develop fellow team members.
  • Recognized as an expert on risk management within the company; Strong track record of effective risk management.
  • Possesses a strong competency in the area of risk management.
  • Consistently manages risk effectively within own scope of responsibility.
  • Demonstrates a developing understanding of risk (e.g., not consistently applied).
  • Sought by others for counsel on risk management matters.
  • Develops and applies appropriate tools and techniques to manage and extract value from risk management.
  • Considers the financial implications of business decisions and applies financial concepts well and consistently.


Paul Dooley,

Managing Director,

Firstaff Personnel Consultants,

85/86 Grafton Street,

Dublin 2, Ireland.


Phone :+353 1 6797766

Mobile : +353 86 252 9015

Web Page:

Skype : paulmalahide

linkedin :

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