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Feb 15 2012



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A Senior Product Design Engineer with 5-8 years experience in the power electronics industry is required for permanent role with an indigenous Irish start-up.

Position Summary
The Senior Product Design Engineer’s primary role is to be responsible for the Design and Development of new technologies and/or products that support our ongoing business objectives. This will involve bringing new products through a Product Life Cycle from early stage concept to full scale manufacturing release. He/she will provide their leadership and expertise to R&D, manufacturing and product quality. This position will report to the Managing Director.

· Design and development of AC and DC power electronic modules from initial concept to medium scale production while ensuring company objectives of product performance, reliability and cost are continually achieved.
· Compliance engineering to ensure all relevant international standards are met.
· Ensuring that new products are optimally designed for manufacturing and testing.
· Internal and external product qualification testing.
· Managing and supporting the transition of new products from engineering to manufacturing.
· Sustaining engineering for production released products (ECN, ECO, Component Engineering etc...)
· Ongoing selection and qualification of raw materials and components.
· Ongoing evaluation of new technologies and design trade-offs.
· Participation in critical design reviews.
· Technical report/presentation writing.
· Occasional customer/supplier site visits.

Minimum Requirements
· Advanced electronic engineering degree or equivalent with a thorough working knowledge of engineering principles is essential.
· Demonstrated knowledge of current power conversion principles, topologies and techniques.
· Expertise in circuit simulation and component modeling using PSPICE.
· Expert working knowledge of ORCAD Schematic Capture and ORCAD PCB Editor.
· Five to eight years private sector experience in the power electronics/motor control industry with demonstrated design expertise in switched mode power conversion, analogue and digital control techniques and microprocessor/microcontroller hardware and software.
· Proven track record in successfully designing printed circuit boards with mixed analogue/digital/high speed circuitry.
· Proven track record in successfully designing products that meet international EMC standards
· Proven track record in successfully designing and commercializing products that comply with international safety standards such as EN, UL and CSA.
· Excellent verbal and written communications skills. (MS Office fluent)
· Excellent mathematical and analytical skills.

Preferred Additional Requirements
(Preference will be given to candidates who meet some or all of the following requirements)
· Working knowledge and experience in CF Design software.
· Working knowledge and experience in Solidworks software.
· Working knowledge and experience in Labview software and hardware.
· Working knowledge and experience in SPC and FMEA
· Demonstrated self started with proven time management skills and ability and willingness to work in a fast moving cross functional environment.
· Proven ability to achieve the highest design standards while remaining completely focused on meeting business objectives and customer expectations.

This position is ideal for a very ambitious, high energy individual who has excelled in his/her design career to date. The individual who can demonstrate their design expertise and meet the above requirements will become one of the foundation stones of the company in the future and will be rewarded accordingly, including an ownership stake in the company.

Applicants should send a CV and application cover letter (detailing why they are suitable for the position) to [email protected]