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Mar 21 2012



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Process & Methods Test Engineer - Galway.

In this role you will research, design, develop and deliver Volume Manufacturing Test System Solutions in accordance with Project Milestones.

Responsibilities :

Analysis of Customer Product/Test specifications to define Test System capability & capacity requirements.
Liase with Design Engineers (Hardware/Software & Mechanical), Manufacturing Engineers & Quality Engineers in the Design & Development and Delivery of Test System Solutions and provide input to DFT, DFMs, PFMEAs & Design Reviews.
Project Manage the internal/external development of Test Systems.
Generate Test System Process Qualification Plans in conjunction with the Quality Dept. i.e. Capability Studies, R & R Studies for presentation both internally and to Customers.
Provide Test System development Cost Estimates to support Customer RFQs.
Provide Technical support in the development of Remote Manufacturing locations.

Education/Training Required:

Degree/Diploma in Electronics Engineering or Equivalent

Minimum 5 Years Experience within Electronics Manufactuirng Environment (ideally Automotive Electronics)
Experience with Pneumatics, GPIB, RS232C interfaces, sensors and PC/PXI I/O cards.
Software Skills – C, C++ programming or similar.
Ideally Experience in Comms Stds – LIN, CAN, Backchannel, Ethernet & WiFi.
Ideally experience in Video Stds – LVDS, NTSC, Ethernet & WiFi.
Experience with Automation equipment and handlers.
Experience with NI Test Stand and/or Labview would be beneficial
Experience with Vision based products/applications would be beneficial.
Experience with dispense and UV based curing systems would be beneficial.
Experience in document writing is required, i.e. procedures, specifications, reports, etc.
Knowledge of Shop Floor management systems and traceability required.
Must have excellent debug and problem solving skills.
Experience with CAD packages, AutoCAD, CADStart, SolidWorks, etc would be beneficial.