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May 30 2012



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R&D Engineer - Design

In this role you will be responsible for the Design and Development of new technologies and/or products that support ongoing business objectives. You will provide design expertise to R&D, manufacturing and product quality.

Principle accountabilities:
• Responsible for the design and development of creative, innovative, mechanical, electrical or chemical solutions which lead to the development and introduction of new technologies, products and/or processes that support ongoing business objectives.
• Using SolidWorks, create innovative designs and prototypes. Generate design documentation such as requirements specifications, schematics, DFMEA, verification test procedures and test reports under FDA/TUV and QSR design control practices.
• Participate in requirements, peer and technical design reviews as they pertain to new technologies or products.
• Produce regular progress reports on assigned projects. Conduct measurements and analysis, Design of Experiments, create engineering designs, develop plans and keep laboratory notebooks on all projects.
• Assist in product/process introduction, production troubleshooting, complaint investigation or individual measurement and analysis projects.
• Collect and analyze pertinent information and make recommendations with respect to project patent opportunities.
• Monitor and evaluate competitor products when applicable.

Skills and Qualifications Sought:
• Engineering degree or equivalent with a thorough working knowledge of engineering principles essential.
• Designer of medical device technologies or products for four plus years in the medical device industry, with proficiency in SolidWorks/Pro E/AutoCAD.
• A successful track record in the design and implementation of a range of technologies into qualified medical devices.
• Experience in Minitab and Crystal Ball.

Preferred requirements
• Experience working with plastic fabrication processes using a variety of plastics, including PVC, ABS and polycarbonate polymers would be highly desirable.
• Demonstrated utilization of Design for Six Sigma, Design for Manufacture/Assembly and Design for Test Methodologies would be highly desirable. Green Belt certified is a plus.
• Effective communicator, well organized self-starter, and willing to work in a cross functional environment. Ability to travel internationally when required.