Great Place to Work: Special Award Winners

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This year’s winners are an inspiring mix of enthusiastic and innovative companies and employees

Workvivo Communication Award


For most if not all organisations, re-strictions around physical proximity resulted in disruptions to the usual ways of working. Communication and development fit this category well, with both traditionally relying on in-person components to yield the most benefits. Kuehne & Nagel, creative to the core, were always unlikely to let anything stand in the way of their commitment to developing their people.

Replacing their traditional careers day with an in-house radio show, it covered topics such as career paths, taking control of your development and the future of work. Interspersing career advice with music, games and awards, the day-long show was broadcast to all employees through speakers set up across sites.

Not only did Kuehne & Nagel manage to educate through this initiative but entertain in a truly original fashion.

Workplace Wellbeing Ireland Award


Supporting wellbeing is not as clear cut as we may like; given the multifaceted nature of the topic, it often holds different ent meaning to each individual. McAfee, being well aware of this, has provided employees with an incredibly varied, comprehensive range of wellness supports this year.

Their holistic approach to employee health includes seven dimensions –emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, occupational, and social wellness. Encapsulated within these dimensions are a diverse range of practices and resources, from tips on working from home while parenting to managing mental health, they provided their staff with a library of useful resources. McAfee also provided their staff with access to a range of classes and activities aimed at supporting wellbeing. Their methodical, multidimensional approach had something on offer to benefit everyone.

Inspiring Award


Creating a sense of belonging for all employees, regardless of tenure, age or background is a noble endeavor, more prominent than ever amongst many organisations at present. Reaching that goal requires meaningful practices, which give a voice to all employees. Version 1, never shy of innovating, has done just that with its Shadow Board initiative.

The Shadow Board is a forum made up of a diverse group of 13 younger members of the Version 1 team, all under the age of 30. This cross-functional group bridges the generational gap in perspectives within the business while working closely with the senior leadership team.

This initiative not only offers a diversity of viewpoints but provides an excellent development opportunity for board members, who are supported by mentoring and coaching from senior leadership members.

Great Place to Work Team:


The CACI Great Place to Work Team has been dedicated to enhancing its internal culture for a number of years now. The passion of this group is evident through its tireless work across a range of operational areas. By combining employee suggestions with their own ingenuity, they have enacted meaningful change across the areas of wellbeing, collating and implementing best practices, CSR engagements, and social activities.

This year, in particular, the CACI Great Place to Work team has been a lifeline for their peers, devising numerous ways to maintain their close-knit culture in a remote environment. Quizzes, games, and virtual drinks are but a sample of the events held. However, the benefits provided by the team’s activities can be felt beyond those in the organisation, with the group devising fundraising initiatives for Alone through bake sales, group exercise activities, and more.

Great Place to Work


Yvonne Frost is vice-president of employee experience at Populo. Loyalty, honesty, and a willingness to share many lessons learned are hallmarks of Yvonne’s style, making her an easy choice as the 2021 Great Place to Work Ambassador.

Yvonne joined Poppulo when the team was less than 10 people and has helped build the organisation into a global leader in internal communications. “I have had to juggle having four small children while working in a challenging senior role. Without the support from Poppulo and our CEO, that may not have been possible,” says Yvonne. “I have partnered with the Great Place to Work team for over seven years and attribute the scaling of Poppulo’s culture and practices to the quality of that partnership.”

Over those years Yvonne has demonstrated a sincere willingness to help other organisations evolve high-performance cultures that deliver winning results. Building on her experience in customer success, she and her team take great care in mapping out the employee experience journey, which she speaks openly about. Yvonne believes that any problem can be solved if you have the right people around the table and engage them in the right way.

We at Great Place To Work, thank Yvonne for her contribution to the ever-expanding Great Place To Work community of practice and wish her every success.

Great Place to Work


The Great Place to Work HR Rising Star award is designed to recognise an outstanding achiever within one of Ireland’s Best Workplaces. For any organisation to function well, all functions and levels need to work in concert with each other. HR teams conducted crucial work this year, leading the change and working tirelessly to look after the employee experience.

Megan Kelly is one such professional, who underpins the ethos of the work outlined above. Her work in Liferay reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession and increased levels of leadership, responsibility, and sphere of impact.



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