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Mar 16 2012



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Focus of Role:
Responsible for collegewide administrative functions and co-ordination of faculty administration systems.

§ Preparation of academic registration material for all campuses

§ Responsible for communication with learners in respect of college administration
§ Handling of queries from students and external bodies

§ Co-ordination with Course Administrators in respect of the effective administration and management of learner data

§ Compilation of learner data required by External Validating Bodies

§ Overseeing the effective implementation of all policies, procedures and standards relating to the college’s central administration processes

§ Compilation and development of reports / statistical data involving key learner data

§ Providing administrative and project management support in relation to graduation events as required
§ Co-ordinating communication with all staff, graduands, guests, dignitaries and all external personnel contributing to the graduation events
§ Compiling and proofing all documentation required for graduation in liaison with other departments
§ Liaising with President’s Office in respect of the facilitation of arrangements for dignitaries in relation to graduation lunch.

§ Act as secretary to the Graduation and Alumni Committee
§ Maintenance of data in respect of Alumni

§ Co–ordination of Alumni events on a college/ faculty basis in association with the President, Management Board, Heads of Faculty and relevant Department Heads

§ Coordinating ongoing regular communication with all Alumni members

§ Management of and responsibility for the recruitment and training of temporary staff as required

§ Ensure confidentiality of learner and Alumni data is maintained at all times

Applicants must have:

§ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

§ Good planning and organisation skills

§ The ability to work on his/her own initiative and as part of a team

§ Good IT skills

§ Confidentiality and discretion to a high degree are expected

The following are desirable:

§ Experience of working in an administrative function within a third level institution

§ Experience of working in a customer focused environment

§ Experience of supervising staff

§ A knowledge of the College Student Database – Scholar

The successful candidate will be required to carry out his/her duties at all times in a highly ethical and professional manner, e.g. accuracy, integrity, timeliness.