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Jun 11 2012



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Master Schedule/Planner

Main Responsibilites
  • The Master Scheduler/Planner is responsable for coordinating the Commercial forecast with the Master Production Schedule and developing the appropriate production plans including the procurement of supporting materials to fulfill.

Key responsibilities/activities of the position
  • Reviews customer orders on a daily basis, updating the Master Production Schedule to reflect any changes in requirements.
  • Supports the Sales and Operations Planning process.
  • Works closely with Product Managers to plan inventory levels taking into account extraordinary demand or trends in the marketplace.
  • Maintains data in the ERP system data reflecting changes in manufacturing order parameters, inventory parameters, and future schedule of assigned product lines.
  • Supports the Continuous Improvement process by aggressively seeking ways to improve delivery performance, cost control and improve the planning/scheduling process.
  • Procures material from approved vendors in a cost effective and timely manner to support schedule adherence and defined inventory targets.
  • Reports on Vendor Performance supporting supplier investigation closures and quality reviews to develop scorecard \ benchmark controls.
  • Recommends and leads initiatives to introduce new \ additional sources of supply to support business continuity and cost within the context of existing internal controls and company policies.
  • Monitors available capacity and recommends changes to avoid excess inventory or adverse delivery to customer. Closely monitors and takes corrective action to maintain inventory levels.
  • Coordinates with Product Engineering to ensure that new product delivers to the marketplace on time.
  • Assists Engineering to ensure the Engineer Change Notices are processed through production thus ensuring the Quality standards are met.
  • Coordinates schedules, activities and reports with other departments.
  • Establishes and maintains operating procedures within the context of existing internal controls and company policies.

  • Must have complete understanding and application of supply chain principals, concepts, practices, and standards.
  • Strong Negotiation & Presentation skills.
  • Full knowledge of industry practices.
  • Must have a solid understanding of the financial aspects of inventory management.
  • Knowledge in inventory control theory and familiarity with the theory for order point/order quantity calculation.

Education & Experience
  • Typically requires a BA or BSc degree (or equivalant (APICS or IIPMM certification) and minimum 2 years of relevant experience with strong mathematical, communication, interpersonal and computer skills.
  • Must be able to adapt to all forces surrounding this position - customers, suppliers, department employees, co-workers. Inventory management training in related fields a plus. The ability to identify and resolve system issues/
If you are interested please apply in confidence to Eileen Nyhan.