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Jun 11 2012



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The QA inspector will be located on the production floor reporting directly to the QA Manager. The primary function of the QA Inspector is to ensure the on-going compliance of the production activities to approved Millmount procedures and cGMP regulations. The primary responsibilities of the QA Inspector may be described below:.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. The QA Inspector will have a roaming remit in production and will be responsible for the performance of Quality In-process checks during the processing of a batch.

2. To perform QA spot checks on finished product to ensure that the product meets the desired specifications.

3. To perform training of new production operators on production tasks to ensure that each new operator is capable of completing relevant tasks competently. Training performed to be documented and file d in operator's training file.

4. To assist production in relation to quality issues and to report all quality issues observed to the QA Manager.

5. To perform on-line batch document review to ensure that documentation is being completed correctly and in a GMP complaint manner.

6 . Approval of Line clearances procedures.

7. Sample, review and release incoming goods, packaging material and product for use in production.

8. The issue of batch documentation to production.

9. To assist with environmental and microbiological monitoring procedures and up-date spreadsheets to facilitate the trending of data.

10. Prepare master packaging instructions.

11. Raise deviations, corrective action request reports as required in a timely manner.

12. Ensure activities observed in all areas of the company are in compliance with the requirements of cGMP.

13. Ensure safe work practices are being followed at all times, report any defects immediately to the safety representative and attend health and safety meetings when required.

14. Carry out various other additional tasks that may be required from time to time in accordance with the overall goal of the company and as deemed relevant by the QA Manager.