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  • DUBLIN 2
  • Job reference number:15412635
  • Client ID:RI/AM16358
  • Posted on:06-DEC-2018
  • Location:GALWAY
  • Job type:PERMANENT

Vision Fusion Function Owner - County Galway.

In this role you will act as a technical expert responsible for the computer vision fusion layer. This layer incorporates state of the art algorithms for fusing data from multiple computer vision algorithms and presenting it in a consistent reliable manner to enable driver assistance functions and automated driving.

The output of the fusion layer will be objects in the vicinity of an automated vehicle. These objects include lane markings, parking lines, pedestrians, vehicles etc. Perception of these objects enables end user functions like automated parking, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. These functions are integral parts of autonomous vehicles. The Vision Fusion Function Owner is responsible for ensuring the Vision Fusion layer delivers the perception to enable such functions.

Core duties:

Initiation & Planning:

• Perform Intellectual Property clearance studies relating to your function and generate Invention Disclosure Memos to facilitate patent applications for all technological advancements.
• Assist Business Development with next generation product marketing and new business requests.
• Support the function core team, provide technical leadership for discussions and planning with project/program management
• Defines your function with respect to boundaries, conditions and constraints
• Defines KPIs and performance per function in alignment with system requirements, develops appropriate measurement procedures

Execution & Reporting:

• Define system requirements for your his/her customer functions. For safety relevant items define also mechanisms for fault detection, related reactions and compensatory behaviour.
• Contribute to the definition of the interfaces of the customer function.
• Co-operate with Systems/SW Architects, Software Development and Test Engineers to ensure consistency relating to assigned function.
• Put your customer function on the bench and on the test vehicle into operation
• Support problem resolution and change management for your related function together with Hardware, Software and Testing
• Review first test strategy, test list and test setup
• Provide technical lead to support customer meetings and test drives
• Report on relevant function development activities and performance

Qualifications and experience sought:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent.
At least 2 years' professional experience in a relevant field.
• Basic understanding of automotive R&D Processes.
• High level of innovation and motivation.
• Excellent English language communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Excellent MS-Office tools or equivalent.
• Excellent problem solving skills.

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